Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Firsts Moulds

After modeling the first heads(that you saw on my previous post), even before I had my final character design, I started making some test molds. I had a regular plaster at home, and the first attempts were an absolute mess, in fact out of the three moulds, two broke and I had air bubbles everywhere:

The most useful thing about the hand mould, was that it allowed me to use the exact same volume of plasticine for the final hands (it's really hard to get left a right hand to be the same exact size, or at least it is to me!!)

And the cast of the head you see, showed me that the undercut of the neck was to deep, and the eyes had to be in the model before making a mold out of it. So failing was actually very helpful for the future molds. I was exited about my firsts "plaster made containers" so I soon started to fill them with latex, to see an aproximation of the final result...

That hand is now my key ring, and those faces are in the lounge, making people feel uncomfortable.
This has being all for post I promise a video (sorry, not porn)

I'll be back !!!

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