Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Camera Loves Him, He Hates Me

Today has being one of those long, long days, with a lot of things done.....so prepare for a long and boring post!
Before getting the puppet to stage, I had to  cut the edges. I don't have the necessary elements to make the Pro-Paste, so the middle line across the puppet is quite visible.

After getting the puppet clean and isolated, I had to dress him up. I had plan to cut the hands off, as the are replaceable, but I found it also made the job of dressing the puppet much, much easier.

 After suiting him up, it was time for his hair style. I divided the hair in three parts, making one of them animatable. :

After the hair was ready, the was nothing left to do before shooting. Here are some Studio Pics: 

Yes, he hates me. But I think he looks fairly good. I have to work on the hands A LOT, because I snapped 6 of them today. But the body armature responded great!. I placed the puppet in all the possible posses I am needing in the film, and it survived them all! But I still need to work on the final head (of which a have o make about six replicas ) and make as many hands as I can.

Tomorrow I am going to Madrid, so for the next week, I'll be working in Orli Ivanov's porcelaine sculpture animation, and the animatic of my film. I didn't have time to shoot the face closeups of the character...so I'll also be doing that. I hope to be able to upload the animatic soon!!

So just a few hours from now, I'll be Home!!!! Speak to you from there!


  1. que pepino el blog iñakiel !!!! impresionante!!!

    nos vemos en na!!!