Monday, 28 February 2011


This blog is being created as a diary to ilustrate the process of making a stop motion shortfilm. I began pre production about a month ago, so I will first post all the work up until now, and as production moves forward, so will the blog (hopefully).

The first thing I did after deciding the stroy I was going to tell, was design my main (and only) character.

As I am not a very good drawer, I usually prefer to sculpt my heads, this gives a 3D view of the model on the spot, and its fun to play with plasticine.

This two are some of the first heads I sculpted before coming up with the final one. This heads were also used for the first mould tests.
After a couple of weks modeling, I came up with this character called Mr. Marshall (in tribute to the 1953 classic spanish film):

With the modeling finished, I could start making the moulds to cast the puppet in foam latex, but I will show that in my next keep the interest flowing, like in Dexter.

I'll be back soon!!


  1. Really nice Iggy , please keep us posted with the next developments of "money for nothing"

  2. buen trabajo iñakiela!! i like it! jejeje un abrzo man!