Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Making moulds

Today I made the new mold for the head, changing a couple of details to ensure that the armature fits better and easier into the moluld. The fact is that I forgot my camera at home, so I will show the process of the previous moulds:


Here is the head, sculpted in plasticine, and surrounded by water based clay. There are two "keys" for keeping the two parts of the mould in place.

This is the first half of the two part mould, once it is finished, and emptied.

Here is the making of the second part of the mould.

The two parts of the mould...and what was left of the model.

I am finally doing the next foam latex run on Friday, so until then, I'll be making armatures for everything I pretend to cast. So tomorrow, some ideas for the head armature.

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