Monday, 21 March 2011


Sorry I´ve been absent for a few days...those are side effects of visitting Madrid. I haven´t being working too much on my film, only putting together the animatic, with the pictures I took last week.  This helps me with a reference of how long the shots are going to be, and also, if the puppet is able to make the posses I require from him. This is an example of a shot (I didn´t pay any atencion to the lighting, sorry about that)

I can judge how the shots fit together and is all around a very usefull thing to have. When I finish it some time next week I´ll post it , so you´ll be getting an idea of the film. Apart from that, Madrid has being to bussy for me to work on the handcrafted side of the film. On Sunday, I went with Repaté to the shooting of a Coca Cola advert for a competition. I had lot´s of fun, and I think there´s going to be a great end product!

The other good news, is that and interview about my film has being published in a very interesting blog about stop motion animation: Interview . Hopefully this will help me meet some new people in the proffesion.

Not much more to say,I hope I´ll be able to post some behind the scenes footage of the coca cola advert soon, and I arrive to England on Wednesday, so prepare for battle!!

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