Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finally, expressions!!

This morning was one of those mornings when you wake up in tension, expecting some kind of news, maybe good ones, maybe just the opposite. I took my bike and sprinted to uni to empty the kiln. I couldn't of dreamed better, the latex was perfectly cooked, and the armatures were in the right place!! (well, at least most of them).

There, you can see a bit of wire sticking out of his upper lip. But, the lower lip is perfect, it gives me all the rage of expressions I need. And the eyebrows work very smoothly. I am very happy with the internal armature, as I have being playing around with it to push the expressions, and it's responded great. Also, the clamps I used to push the two parts of the mould together worked better than I would ever expected.
 The hands I was so happy about yesterday, turned out to be undercured, and lost all their detail as I was trimming the latex surplus.But I can still use them for long shots, not close ups.
 In the big body mould, I decided to stick two balls in the eyes, so the cast would come up whit two holes where I could stick the eyes, and it has turned out very well. I might adopt this method for the head mould:

After testing the range of expressions I could get in both heads, I decided I wanted to make some more moulds for the hands for three reasons: I don't really like the hands now, I want to be able to make six or eight hands at a time, not only two. And I always end up with some leftovers from the latex run, and it is good to have spare moulds to fill so you don't waste such expensive material. So here is how the new hands are coming together:

They need more detailing tomorrow, and a little baby oild to smooth the surface, but I think the nails will give them a good realistic look..
Tomorrow mould and armature making!!

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