Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Same Old Story

Yes, just as it happened last time I cooked latex, in the same kiln as last time, it wasn't fully cured by 5:00pm. Only the hands, being a very small mould had cooked properly:

They came a bit dirty, because the brush I used to apply the mould release was not as clean as I thought. But I have a good feeling with this armatures, they look much tougher than previous ones.

Following the same instructions as first and second run:

Base Latex: 150gr   Foaming Agent: 30gr   Curing Agent: 15gr   Gelling Agent: 12gr

1. Increase from speed 1 to 12 during 30 sec.
2. Maintain speed 12 for 5 min
3. Reduce to speed 4 gradualy
4. Maintain speed 4 for 3 min
5. Add Gelling agent at speed 4 for 30 sec
6. Backbowl for 30 sec
7. Ultrarefine speed 1 for 2 min

Here is a little edited video of the main stages of the process. It's a bit too long and boring, but the music is nice! (sorry for the quality, and specially the format):


There was a difference today, I used clamps to put preassure in both parts of the moulds, the result is a much tighter link in the foam cast, I'll never do it it without them again.The head mould and the big body mould  were left inside the kiln to rest the night with the kiln's residual temperature. I hope I don't have the same problems as last time when I left it overnight. This time I rubbed quite a lot of vaseline int the moulds to make sure they didn't stack together. Nevertheless I opened the head mould and it was almost cured, it looked pretty good (I am feeling too lucky...) I left it opened in the kiln.

After a very long day in the uni, I went to some friend's exhibition, Aaron Golding and Alberto Deleze, glass artist and ceramicist:

Alberto was aiming for more than a hundred fishes, but I still think this few are very impressive.

I love the colors in Aaron's work, quite psychedelic!. And  this is all for today, looking forward to see if the head armature finally works tomorrow.


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