Sunday, 6 March 2011

The moment of thuth

I am sorry I didn't post this yesterday as I promised. I bet you were all tied down to your computers waiting desperately for me to write this...but it turned out that I did have a little bit of money, and so I went to grab some drinks, and you know what start with one and you stop when you've lost count! Or should I say you stop because at midnight you are not allowed to enter a Pub in Farnham on a Saturday night because it's closing! (How sad can you get)

Anyway, to the point:
2 hours after getting the moulds into the kiln I was no longer a human being, but rather a jumble of flesh and bones only held together by the electrostatic friction created by my shivering pulse....The moment of truth had arrived: All that time expend in modeling, moulding, making armatures...was now challenged, was it worth it? 

 Of course it was!!!! What an amazing feeling to see all this work coming together!! The foam latex was an absolute success!! The texture and softness of the material is just what I was looking for!!!

But not everything went as well as the foam latex.....remember that head armature?? The one I had to do four times? Well, somehow  I didn't place it right, and it is absolutely of no use for the puppet. I have to find a way of placing it really precisely . The hands came out perfect, apart from the fact one of them broke the aluminium wire as I was pulling it out of its mould.The other thing that went wrong were the moulds, the temperature shock made them crack as soon as I took them out of the kiln. Only the hands mould survived the experience. But know I've learned my lesson. First , don't use keramicast plaster for your moulds, and Second, be sure that you have two strategic points were you can fix the armature once the mould is filled with foam latex, otherwise your skeleton can end up floating anywhere around the mould.

So, overall, I think it has being a very successful week, I couldn't dream of achieving the perfect foam latex in the first try, and it has happened. And , to be honest, I am glad the head mould broke. It gives me a chance to make a better one, focusing in the fact that placing correctly the head armature is the most challenging thing I've came across with so far. Also this will keep me quite busy until next foam latex run, on Thursday.

I'll keep you updated


  1. Iñaki, acabo de echar un vistazo a todo tu blog ¡enhorabuena! Increíble curro y genial que nos lo cuentes. De verdad , me ha flipado todo. ¡Saludos desde China!

  2. Gracias Natalia!!! Me alegro que te guste!! Que tal en china?? Lo estaras partiendo me imagino...

    Un abrazo!