Friday, 4 March 2011

Animating Porcelain

YES!! Today has being a great day!! First, I got to animate Orli Ivanov's porcelain sculpture,  I had to interrupt the animation because I had a tutorial with one of my tutors, which made think a lot about my short film (I'll have to open a little discussion on the ending of the film in a future post). After the meeting, I continued with the animation. Quite a challenging one, as the "puppet" itself was made out of porcelain and the head was really heavy!. I will show the final result sometime this week!   


Once I animated this beautiful piece, I got on again with my project. I checked out the head armature I made yesterday (the second one I make) and it was also a failure!! Never the less, I learned a couple more things NOT to do. And so I came up with another head armature that I can only hope it works tomorrow, once it's dried. Apart from the head armature, I did two body armatures, and a couple of hands. Tomorrow morning I'll do the  final touches.

I know the head skeleton looks really ugly, but if everything goes right you won't have to see it again.
More and better for tomorrow!!!

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