Monday, 14 March 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The good :

I finally have a foam latex puppet ready to go on set (I haven't painted it yet), with internal armature, tie downs and replaceable hands!! And it feels really good! The extra pair of hands look resistant and have casted really well.

The Bad :

The foam latex could have cured better, there are some rough surfaces in the shoes and neck of the puppet, one of my moulds had to be destroyed in order to rescue the puppet inside, and the main mould suffered serious injuries...This will teach me not to forget rubbing vaseline on the mould ever again.

The Ugly:

My new head mould, made of a harder plaster, looks just fine, but the head that has came out of it is one of the ugliest I've ever seen... The foam latex was not cured, and was stack to the walls of the mould. There can only be one reason as to why this one hasn't worked. It was the only mould that hadn't been "prekilned" to take all the water molecules out. That water has reacted with the foam latex and has done a hell of a job with it! (Another head armature to the bin)

But just as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was a great film, so has being my day. I am getting closer and closer to a fine, resistant, light puppet. I'll be cutting off Mr. Marshal's edges, hair dressing him and dressing him up for the occasion. Tomorrow is his first day at the studio, lets see if he can put an animatic together without snapping the armature!
Wish me luck!!

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