Friday, 30 September 2011

This is the end......

Yes , believe or not, after a year of hard work, a summer of non sleeping and a week of getting drunk, Money for Nothing is at last ready to be watched by YOU!!!! So please, enjoy with the trailer and the film, and please leave your comments!

I´ll keep you posted if it gets into any festivals or anything els...... Until the next production!!!!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Non stop...

Hard times.....4:15 am and I have just finished shooting a couple of shots. Tomorrow a have a 15 hour shift in the chiringuetto...and sunday I´ll be animating from dusk till dawn again. I´ve being editing the animated shots into the animatic, and the short is beginning to look like something. I am pretty happy with the way the animation is going so far. 

I am travelling to England next week, I´ll pass by the uni to chat with the tutors.  Now I can say I am half way in the animation process. And with Sunday´s and monday´s animations, I bet I can show almost 2 minutes. Also the music is already coming together. I´ll try to post something on Monday, before I go to Farnham.
Just for fun, the other day I was cuttting peppers at work, when I suddenly came accross this one:

I think there is some potencial in here....I don´t know why, but I find it very cool..... I´ll work on it!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On the right track

3:44 am, and I´ve just finished shooting 120 frames.....wich I started just after finishing another very long shot. I´ve been here since 12:30 pm, and I feel a bit dizzy.

This summer is absolutely killing me, but I feel that by the end of it, once the film is done, I´ve closed the chirighetto, and I get payed for the animation job from Repaté, I am going to be one of the happiest man in the world!! I have to say, I can´t complain anyway, here is where I work:

 I have no boss and I work this with 2 really good friends (although I don´t really know why I am writting this) So anyway, tomorrow morning more animation. I think I can reach half way if it goes well tomorrow, although one of the tie downs has broken today....

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It´s funny how after 3 and a half years of finishing my stop motion studies in Barcelona, I had never got a job related to stop motion animation. You only have to be absolutely ready to start shooting the film you´ve spent your last year working on, for an amazing job offer to come your fast that you can´t say no.
So there I am, with my foam latex puppets stack in a shoebox in the corner of the room, and the animation set used for the new REPATE proyect. I cant´say too much about it because aparently there are some confidentiality issues with the project. I can´t even show you a picture!! But don´t worry, as soon as we finish, we are alowed to show it.

So nothing more to say....we have to get this job done by the 22nd of this month....and it´s 2 minutes of animation, with a few different characters and interacion with objects.. (I hate it!!) so just imagine the levels of stress and tension we are suffering this days!!....OK, I´ll show a picture...but don´t tell anyone..

There you go!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The cameback II

Hi again....I should be ashaimed of myself for not writing anything here since april, but better late than never!! Today I´ve had my first day of shooting, I am righting from my studio/home for the next few months. A lot has being going on, but of actual interes for you...not much.

I got my puppets a day before flying back here, to Spain, but I couldn´t start shooting straight away. I send the camera for a nice industrial sensor cleaning, we built a set....

But it was too small and we built another one, and I built a giant lightbox for the shortfilm:

We have built a camera move device for stop motion:

But it didn´t work too we made another one!!

We did all the ilumination tests:

And today, after 7 months of Preproduction, finally, the animation has began:

I hope you like it. I´ll try to catch up with some "behind the scenes" pictures in the next posts, and tell you how the animation is going. So far today, even though I got two shots done, the puppet is already having skin problems with the paint coming off, and it has a neck injurie, that is not too dangerous for now, but it can turn into spinal damage!!!

Hopefully, I´ll write back soon!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The comeback!!

A long time since my last post.....I always blame Spain for this, and I've being there for the past 3 weeks, so I have the perfect excuse! I must say I have also been ill for the last two weeks...and I haven't had much time to work.
Nevertheless, I am back in England, with my batteries charged after a little  music festival,

 and of course after finishing what seems to be like the final animatic of my short film.Sorry I can't show any of that at the moment cause it would be like showing the film, but with the worst quality possible in every aspect.

So, I am just going to show a couple of pics so you can see how it is all coming together...I hope you like them:

So I mam still fighting with my essay, but I must say, the two authors have being very helpful with me and they both allowed me to interview them!! So I think, the teacher will like that. I'll be starting to get some tests of the painted puppet very soon from London. I'll keep you posted, and sorry for the big brake!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Camera Moves

Hi, sorry I've being absent for a couple of days, but yesterday I spent it researching for the essay I have to write about two authors to whom I relate my work with. I finally chose them :
Tom Otterness (a sculptor ) an John Zerzan (an anarchist) . For those of you who don't know them, here is some work of Otterness:

And here you can learn a lot about John Zerzan (and other intersting topics)this is just the trailer, if you are interested, I strongly recommend to see the whole documentary :

Ok, so, today I headed directly to the stop motion studios at Uni, to test some camera moves, it took me a couple of tries, but in the end, I think the result is quite pleasing. This is more or less what the firs 15 seconds of my film are going to look like (spoiler alert!!!) I hope you like it:

Also, I have a couple of good news, It is very likely that I will be giving a workshop for Ba students, here at Uni, on Foam Latex Puppets!! I am very excited about it. And I've being invited to France to animate a couple of shots for my old Stop Motion teacher's short film.That is even more exciting!!!

Not much more to say, this days I'll be focusing on the essay writing, so I won't update the blog to tell you how my boring text is going. Nevertheless, any animation progress, you'll be the first to know about!!