Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Good News

Today has been  a busy day, I did my first test for the head armature this morning, and it was a failure....but I know how not to do it now!! It's hard to fit 4 different types of movement in a 3 cm head! But I have to get on with it, and fast.

Later on in the day, I finally got hold of all the extra gadgets I need to make the foam latex, and I have half of the ceramics studio at uni closed during all Friday afternoon for me to play with my latex without intoxicating anyone!
I've also had a meeting today with a ceramics Ma student, and tomorrow I am animating one of her beautiful sculptures in stop motion. There will be a full post on that soon!!

The  bottle is only there to hold the not part of the sculpture. I will be animating the fingrs and the head in stop motion, and we will try to make him breath with after effects. I am really looking forward to this tomorrow!!

I promised a video for this post, and I will give you two, the first one is a little short film I animated, and my great friend Javier Garrido posproduced in the headquarters of Repate just a couple of months ago, I hope you like it. This was shot without any capturing software, or photo preview. I like to call it instinctive animation (although I think the name sounds a bit over the to cool for school)

                                              Repate, Producciones Audiovisuales

The second video are some test shots I animated with the puppets armature, just so we could get to know each other better.  Only a 10 sec video, I guarantee you will not have time to get bored, unlike the previous one:

So that is all for tonight, I have a lot of work to do between today and the weekend, so hopefully I will be posting some exciting stuff .
Until next post!!

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