Thursday, 28 April 2011

The comeback!!

A long time since my last post.....I always blame Spain for this, and I've being there for the past 3 weeks, so I have the perfect excuse! I must say I have also been ill for the last two weeks...and I haven't had much time to work.
Nevertheless, I am back in England, with my batteries charged after a little  music festival,

 and of course after finishing what seems to be like the final animatic of my short film.Sorry I can't show any of that at the moment cause it would be like showing the film, but with the worst quality possible in every aspect.

So, I am just going to show a couple of pics so you can see how it is all coming together...I hope you like them:

So I mam still fighting with my essay, but I must say, the two authors have being very helpful with me and they both allowed me to interview them!! So I think, the teacher will like that. I'll be starting to get some tests of the painted puppet very soon from London. I'll keep you posted, and sorry for the big brake!

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