Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It´s funny how after 3 and a half years of finishing my stop motion studies in Barcelona, I had never got a job related to stop motion animation. You only have to be absolutely ready to start shooting the film you´ve spent your last year working on, for an amazing job offer to come your fast that you can´t say no.
So there I am, with my foam latex puppets stack in a shoebox in the corner of the room, and the animation set used for the new REPATE proyect. I cant´say too much about it because aparently there are some confidentiality issues with the project. I can´t even show you a picture!! But don´t worry, as soon as we finish, we are alowed to show it.

So nothing more to say....we have to get this job done by the 22nd of this month....and it´s 2 minutes of animation, with a few different characters and interacion with objects.. (I hate it!!) so just imagine the levels of stress and tension we are suffering this days!!....OK, I´ll show a picture...but don´t tell anyone..

There you go!

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