Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The cameback II

Hi again....I should be ashaimed of myself for not writing anything here since april, but better late than never!! Today I´ve had my first day of shooting, I am righting from my studio/home for the next few months. A lot has being going on, but of actual interes for you...not much.

I got my puppets a day before flying back here, to Spain, but I couldn´t start shooting straight away. I send the camera for a nice industrial sensor cleaning, we built a set....

But it was too small and ugly....so we built another one, and I built a giant lightbox for the shortfilm:

We have built a camera move device for stop motion:

But it didn´t work too well....so we made another one!!

We did all the ilumination tests:

And today, after 7 months of Preproduction, finally, the animation has began:

I hope you like it. I´ll try to catch up with some "behind the scenes" pictures in the next posts, and tell you how the animation is going. So far today, even though I got two shots done, the puppet is already having skin problems with the paint coming off, and it has a neck injurie, that is not too dangerous for now, but it can turn into spinal damage!!!

Hopefully, I´ll write back soon!


  1. ese motion control me suena,jejeje

  2. Robe!!! El primero no me funciono, el segundo va bien pero tiene un par de errores de fabrica..jejejej