Saturday, 23 July 2011

Non stop...

Hard times.....4:15 am and I have just finished shooting a couple of shots. Tomorrow a have a 15 hour shift in the chiringuetto...and sunday I´ll be animating from dusk till dawn again. I´ve being editing the animated shots into the animatic, and the short is beginning to look like something. I am pretty happy with the way the animation is going so far. 

I am travelling to England next week, I´ll pass by the uni to chat with the tutors.  Now I can say I am half way in the animation process. And with Sunday´s and monday´s animations, I bet I can show almost 2 minutes. Also the music is already coming together. I´ll try to post something on Monday, before I go to Farnham.
Just for fun, the other day I was cuttting peppers at work, when I suddenly came accross this one:

I think there is some potencial in here....I don´t know why, but I find it very cool..... I´ll work on it!!


  1. Hola Iñaki:
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  2. hahaha, Thanks Ben!!! I was just thinking the same about yours!!!! That camera amazing!!!