Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's Alive!

Yes!!! today, after a failed trip to London (I didn't get passed the train station in Farnham ) I started watching all the behind the scenes from Tim Burton's stop motion film. It got me a little sad / anxious / motivated, so I decided to give the puppet it's first expression test. I am in my room, so the technology surrounding me is very, very poor.  One little light, a smashed Canon, and a cheap tripod. No video feedback (so I've animated "blind")
but I got to see more or less what the puppet will be able to do once the full armature is well in place. Also I already noticed a couple of errors in the head armature that I will fix for further ones.

Here is a little animation then . The puppet just moving his face really, there's not much acting I have to admit!!:

I now is not very cool, but , HELL, it feels good to see the potential of  the puppet!!

There is not much more to say now. Only a little reminder that last week , while I was in Madrid, I helped in the shot  of an advert for a Coca Cola competition with my friends of Repate...well here it is:

Nothing more for today, tomorrow, I'll try to put some hair on the puppets head, and make a cooler animation. It's a pity the upper lip and left eyebrow don't work......just imagine if they did!!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Troon!!
    me dejas flipao con toda la parafernalia de los muñecos tio!! HIGH LEVEL!!! se ve que estás aprendiendo tela!! se ve muy pro todo...

    Me comentó Juanfran que venías?? a ver si nos vemos leñe.


  2. jejeje gracias Dani!! Eso si la proxima vez, para los disenios de persobnajes te llamo a ti!!! Menudos dibujazos q te marcas tron!!

    Voy para madrid en Semana Santa, a ver si quedamos en casa del JF a tomar unas canitas y nos ponemos al dia!!!